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You have thought about it, analyzed it, and have done nothing about it. Make your dream of owing your own home in Colorado come true today.  Colorado Mortgage Guy, Vince Reece finds and designs home loans that best fit you. There are a variety of Colorado home mortgage loans for you to choose from. I will assist you in DESIGNING the ideal Denver or Colorado home loan that serves you and your family’s financial needs the best. I am a Colorado mortgage expert and have been helping people in the Front Range area since 1995. I have helped people up and down the Front Range area. Since 1995 I have assisted people from Fort Collins to Denver to Parker, to Colorado Springs, Vail, Breckenridge and a majority of the Mountain Communities. I focus on knowing everything I can about the Colorado home market and on the Colorado home mortgage guidelines and criteria that change almost daily.

Finding a Home Mortgage can be very stressful. I believe in taking the stress out of your HOME MORTGAGE LOAN. You have or are making a major decision to purchase a home in Colorado. This may be one of the largest commitments you will make in your life. Do not let the Home mortgage loan process over whelm you. Contact me, Colorado mortgage loans specialists, and I will simplify your options and the HOME loan process for you. Every person’s situation is different and I will design options that are easy, simple and most important you will understand. Some people try to make the home mortgage process complicated and confusing, because they don’t understand half of what they are saying. I will make sure that you understand all aspects of your new home mortgage. The only stupid questions are the ones that are never asked.

There are several types of home mortgage programs. The two most popular can be broken down into either an adjustable rate mortgage home loan. (ARM or changing payment Program) The other type of loan is a FIXED RATE HOME MORTGAGE. This means that the payment will not change due to interest rate changes. The payment can change if your Home TAXES and HOME OWNERS INSURANCE premiums increase or decrease. The interest rate on adjustable-rate loans can change over time depending on the market. As I said previously, every person is different and every situation is different too. We will sit together and discuss which home mortgage loan will be best for you. I will walk you through entire process of buying a home. Contact me to help you choose the right Colorado home loan and mortgage loans in Colorado for you.

First Time Homebuyer

Congratulations, you are a first time homebuyer, you have the credit and income needed to qualify for home loans Colorado. How do you come up with the down payment? A gift from a relative or a close friend for the down payment is one option. Another option is getting Down payment assistance through municipal bond programs. Many times in this market the seller will pay for all of your closing costs. This means we just need to come up with a solution on how to create your down payment. We will work together to find you a down payment assistance program that will work best for you. For more information on down payment assistance for Colorado home loans, call Vince Reece today.

Remember when looking for the ideal home loan your needs and situation will help decide what is best for you. I will give you the options and you will pick the best home mortgage program for you. We will analyze together your financial situation and how long you plan to keep the new home.

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