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Denver, Colorado is often referred to as the Mile High City due to the altitude, 5280 feet above sea level. Due to the altitude and dry air, only 10-15 inches of precipitation a year are likely in Denver, allowing residents to wake up to 300 days of sunshine a year. Due to the wonderful sunshine and the high altitude snow does not stay on the ground to long, allowing everyone to enjoying outdoor activities most of the year, even during the mild winters. Skiing in shorts, a friendly downtown, and up and coming art and cultural scene, and 8 professional athletic teams are what you will find in Denver, all while looking at the Rockies in the background.

Denver is the commercial, financial, and transportation capital of the Rocky Mountain region. Denver’s economy has experienced the good and the bad since its existence. Examples of this are the mining rushes to the petroleum and .com periods. Denver’s commerce has become more stable over the past several years. The mile high city has been renovating the down town areas, making this quit the hot spot. The transportation, to include the extended light rail and improved I25, make it possible for everyone to move around not only the Denver area but the suburbs that millions call home. The music, the theatre and the sports make Denver a very popular place. Being located at the base of the foot hills and the Rocky Mountains (home to many ski resorts), Denver has been acknowledged for its quality of life and western traditions. Colorado has been ranked in the top ten for ideal places to live in several publications, due to the quality of life that exists in Colorado and Denver.

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Colorado Mortgage Guy has the expertise you are looking for regarding mortgage loans Denver. Denver is 346 miles west of the exact geographic center of the United States. This means as the population shifts southwest, Denver could be the center of production, manufacturing, research and development for the entire southwest United States region.

I have lived in the Midwest most of my teenage years and Colorado since 1995. Growing up I came here to visit family and experience the Rocky Mountains and am now raising my family here. The people here have always been friendly and welcomed me with open arms. I personally chalk this up to the numerous activities and cultural events that are available.

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You will find all of these activities at your fingertips in the Mile High City, Denver, and that’s why we help residents with home loans Denver!

Broncos Football, Nugget’s Basketball, Avalanche Hockey, Rapids Soccer, Mammoth Indoor Lacrosse, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Broadway productions in one of many historical theatres, outdoor festivals, rodeos, Celestial Tea Plant, Coors Brewery, Hardrock Café, Denver Aquarium, Denver Zoo, Elitch Gardens Amusement Park, Water World water park, Butterfly Pavilion, Museum of Nature and Science, Botanical Gardens, many state parks with water for boating activities, world famous ski resorts, sledding, tubing, sleigh rides, Alpine slides…

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