debt consolidation home loan

Debt Consolidation Home Loan

We provide Debt Consolidation Home Loan services in Colorado for those looking to take other bills that they may have and combine them into one easy payment. For example you may have 5 credit cards with credit balances of around $20,000 and you pay roughly $600.00 per month. You may also have a first mortgage with a balance of $175,000 that you have 25 years left and you are paying $1050.00 per month principal and interest only. Your total monthly payments would be around $1650.00 per month.

You could possibly combine all of this debt under one payment on a 15 year and keep your payments the same. The amount of interest you will save is incredible. If you put this on a 30 year term you could possibly save $500.00 per month. I will analyze all of your information for you and give you 2 or 3 options on what you can do.

Doing a Debt Consolidation in Denver is a major reason to refinance. This enables you to USE the equity that you have worked to create. The most important asset you may ever own is your home. This is true for the majority of all Americans. You have created a wonderful asset over time through hard work and sweat. After a certain amount of time you should let your home start working for you. You can consolidate credit cards, car loans, note loans or any debt that you may have. There are many benefits in doing this from interest savings to the simplicity of one payment.

I will also help you calculate an interest break even point. If refinancing doesn’t make sense, I may recommend that you do not do anything. We will work though the numbers together so we can make sure that you are making the correct decision.

We will look for long term solutions together. When you do this type of loan we want to make sure that you have a game plan that you are able to follow. We will work as a team to help you get to the result that you want. The biggest benefit of a Colorado debt consolidation is interest savings from $10,000 to $300,000 or more depending on the loan size. I have saved people over $100,000 in interest. The 2nd benefit is saving money monthly. The last is the simplicity of ONE payment.

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