excellent credit mortgage

Excellent Credit Mortgage

You have worked hard to have good credit, and you want an Excellent Credit Mortgage with superior terms.  You know that the purchasing power of people with great credit gives you more control in the credit and finance world. You know that you deserve the best rates and the Colorado Mortgage Guy is here to help you accomplish this.

What Makes You Elite:

  • Your credit score is above a 740 for all three credit bureaus.
  • You have good verifiable income.
  • You have 20% down on a new home.
  • You have 20% to 30% equity in your current home.

All these items make you the ELITE borrower.

What does this do for me?

  • You can get rates lower than the national average.
  • The loan process becomes quick and simple.

Vince Reece, the Colorado Mortgage Guy, knows how to take care of you to make your loan process simple and easy. You work hard every day you don’t need to be bothered with a loan process that can be complicated.

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