first time home loan

First Time Home Loan

The time has come for you to make your largest investment of your life with a First Time Home Loan. You have decided to make an investment in real estate. This can be overwhelming, and the Vince Reece is here to make this decision simple for you. The Colorado Mortgage Guy and Plum Creek Funding are experts in the mortgage industry and I will walk you through the entire process. There is never a bad question to ask. This is your home and your money, and I am here to help.

Take These Steps to Get Approved

  1. Call Vince Reece, the Colorado Mortgage Guy at (303) 818-0699 to go over the process.
  2. We will review your credit and set up game plans.
  3. We will review your income with you and explain what you can afford and what is included in your new home loan payment.
  4. We will review down payment options with you.
  5. We will inform you on the loan programs you qualify for.
  6. We will discuss the documentation that will be needed for the loan.
  7. We will issue you a Pre-qualification letter, so you can shop for new homes.
  8. We go shopping for a new home!!!!
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