Do you know how to raise your credit score?

Are you interested in raising your credit score? I will tell you how to raise credit scores by providing the best tips and tricks.

Improving your credit score is not tough; you just need to understand more about the methods you are going to adopt. Keep in mind, no method is going to work faster to improve your credit score than to paying your bills on time and paying your credit cards in a timely manner.

Best tips for increasing your credit score

⦁ Pay twice instead of once per month
If you can afford it, then try to pay bills on a weekly basis or at least twice in a month. This trick will help to lower your credit utilization, and as a result, you will be able to raise your credit score.
⦁ Set up a reminder for your payment
Do you forget to pay bills on time? Why did you not add a reminder for your bills? Set up a reminder in your cell phone for all the bills. Paying the bills on time will automatically increase your credit score in just a few months.
⦁ Contact with your creditors
Have you missed your last payment or you cannot afford your monthly bills? You need to set up your payment plan ASAP. Addressing a problem like this early on will help you to overcome the issue, plus you will not suffer from its negative effects.
⦁ Quick loan shopping
Do you have a bad credit score and feel there is no way to improve your score? One of the best tricks to improve your score is to take a quick loan. You can get small loans to amount starting from $250 to $1000 that will help to get repayment history reported to credit agencies. This method will help you to improve your credit score in a very short period of time.
⦁ What if you want to close your credit card account?
If you have more than one credit card account and want to close one of them, choose to close the newer one. The older the card, the longer the history is better to higher the credit score, so we will suggest you close the new credit card.
⦁ Diversify your accounts
Your credit mix, like mortgage, student loans, and credit cards, counts for 10% of your credit score. Try to add any other element that will help you to increase your credit score, but do not forget to pay bills on time.

Basics to understand your credit score

Usually, a credit score of 300 is considered poor while 850 is considered excellent. Higher the score shows the good credit history like you have paid all of your bills on time, lower the credit score will be a proof you do not make payments on time; as a result, lower the credit score.

Although there is no cutoff for the good and bad score, more than 750 is considered as good, and a score lower than 720 is considered as a bad score. The average credit score record in 2019 was 700.

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